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Too much going on


Long time, no see. I ended up having to get a new phone and taking my computer to the shop to get a new battery. Frustrating. Especially since I just bought the computer refurbed less than a year ago from the same place. Thank you MacAuthority. Anyway, I’ve had less than normal energy and drive to write lately because we found out we are having baby número 3. Woot! Woot! But, dang, am I tired. I fell off of the cooking wagon for several weeks just giving in to my cravings for burritos and burgers and anything not cooked by me.
I’ve resolved to do better because I want my boys to have healthy eating habits not to mention I’d like to live long enough and have a decent quality of life as I age to see my boys through their middle/late adulthood. Anyway, the following are some scenes from how I’ve been spending my time, from zoo days to fruit days, to a new play set to the best water toy $35 can buy…


Latest Addicton


I am so addicted to Pinterest. I love it!!! The best thing about it is how quick and easy it is to see all of these inspirational, interesting, yummy, or funny things. Plus, you can go to the actual site and get more information if you want to. I can’t help but confess that there is something in how you have to ask to be invited to join. I’m sure that’s all part of their evil plan to get us hooked. Whatever it is, it totally works. It’s a nice bit of almost mindless entertainment. You can check out my boards here if you’re already on Pinterest.