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sheesh….alright, already!


I have really dropped the ball, though, in my defense, I have been waiting impatiently for the arrival of my latest son. I was told at my last appointment that it looked like I’d deliver over the weekend. Now, today is Wednesday and I am still very much pregnant. It wasn’t until yesterday that I remembered that the foolish docs are going by my last menstrual cycle even though I’d told them in the beginning the date that I ovulated. There is a week difference in these two dates, hence the seeming tardiness of Baby B. I wouldn’t have felt so aggravated or frustrated had the doctor not done his exam and given me the weekend as THE time. I’m not one for anticipation. I don’t like it. I tend to want to rush right in and get her done. It’s always been this way. Anyway, I’m off to see said foolish doctor for my weekly exam and I intend to remind him to look in my chart to see what I said at my first appointment. It looks like I will be pregnant for about another week, which I will do my best to savor and enjoy as the last few days I have alone with my 15 month old, Baby J. Happy Wednesday!


White Girl Problems Rocks!!!!


This is what I am reading right now, a book titled “White Girl Problems” by Babe Walker. It is unapologetically, lol, hilarious. Seriously. I stumbled into it when my best friend suggested that I read some other book whose title I can’t remember right this second. Anyway, I downloaded an excerpt from it and, although it sounds like a totally great book, it was so sad in the first couple of pages. I’ve been in this mind-set that while pregnant, I don’t want to have any heavy, sad or negative emotions and I’ve stayed away from reading and watching anything that could lead me in that direction. (I am due in 5 days, so we are still waiting for the arrival of Baby B.) But, I digress. Once I decided that the book was too heavy for me right now, I started looking for something else to read. Somehow, I came across this title and decided to find out what it was about. I have not stopped laughing since. I’ve been telling my friends to read it, too. If you love fashion and drama (like reality TV type drama) then you will love this book. Besides the hilarious title of each chapter, I am also enjoying the fashion drawings that have been scattered here and there throughout the book.

I actually just Googled it and found that there is a website and blog for “White Girl Problems” that you should totally check out. I’ve decided to follow on Twitter and keep track of the blog. It’s always good to have a space to go to when you need a good laugh 🙂

I have been so bad about writing lately. I probably should have opened with this, but I am so tired that I have taken the last few days off from writing. Of course, I realize that, once the baby is born, I will be even more frazzled, tired and less inclined to write…ugh. Going to bed now. Later…



My son is finally down for a little nap and I am sitting on the sofa watching “Candice Tells All” on HGTV. I should probably feel worse about receiving the email from the webmaster telling me that I need more traffic to this blog but I just don’t have the energy. I am 8 days out from my due date and feeling like a big, stuffed sausage. The Mr and I spent some time this weekend trying to catch up on our tv watching and wound up watching 3 episodes of  The Big Bang Theory, which we love. I am trying not to let the DVR get too full. Anyway, there was an episode about the IPhone and SIRI which was AWESOME!!!! I know that the promos show how one can ask SIRI things and get a response, but it had not occurred to me to ask about random silliness. For examples of what people are apparently asking SIRI go to this site. Part of why we started watching The Big Bang Theory was because coworkers of the Mr had been telling him that he was like Sheldon. We Googled the show, well, I Googled the show, and found a clip on YouTube and it is totally true. I am married to Sheldon. They are both so linear in thinking and literal, it’s insane. Having said all of this, he practically had a nerdgasm seeing the things that SIRI was answering on the show. Of the two of us, I am the one with the new 4G IPhone, so he has been pestering me to interrogate the phone. He went on and on about artificial intelligence and how much it’s progressed and the earlier incarnations of what SIRI has now become. I can’t even tell you everything that he talked about because it’s so not how my brain works. Now, he can’t wait to get his new phone and he can’t stop pestering me about having access to my phone in the mean time. Sadly, he is going to have to wait until he gets his own phone before he can release all of the thoughts marinating in his brain upon SIRI.

the wait goes on


By all rights I should be napping with Baby J right now, but I know that the second I fall asleep his nap will be over and I’ll be even more tired. I am due in one week and 5 days and just had my weekly appointment. I am only 3cm dilated and it doesn’t seem like labor is imminent. Bummer. We are expecting a storm so the hope is that the low pressure front moving in will help speed things up. Fingers and toes crossed.

Of the newest developments I suppose I want to mention that the Mr and I have been discussing moving across the country to California. I don’t know if I’m feeling like it’s a test, but I have not been able to jump on the wagon and say yes. I want to, boy do I want to. He has mentioned it several times in the last week or so and I keep saying that I just want to make sure that it’s the right time for us to do something like that. Today he asked me what I’m afraid of. That is a very good question. What am I afraid of? Why am I hesitating? I have been thinking about these things since he asked me that this morning. I guess my fears are:

1) he (the Mr) won’t be happy there because he’ll miss his family here.

2) it’ll put increased financial pressure on him to provide for our family with the increased cost of living.

3) I will be eaten up with the guilt of moving our kids away from both sets of grandparents and our siblings.

4) his family will resent me for taking their normally predictable son away from them.

5) I won’t be much happier.

6) money, money, money.

That’s what I’ve come up with thus far and I can’t think much deeper because I am foggy with fatigue. I am going to let my thoughts marinate a bit and come back to them.

Rough Morning & the Kindness of Strangers


Let me first say that I just glanced at my “Drinkie, Drinkie” post and realize that I said I was giving a couple of examples and gave three. I know that’s one more than a couple. My bad. I don’t feel like editing it. Ok. Moving on. I am so frickin exhausted and front heavy with baby I can hardly stand it. Once a month we get our house cleaned and I am so appreciative. It has become a necessary extravagance. Seriously. Anyway, Baby J was in fine form this morning as I tried to pre-tidy. Every time I made some headway, he was there to drag things from a different part of the house and chuck it down or pull things from the cupboards… We didn’t even get to finish breakfast before they arrived. Yes, I know, cleaners are hired to clean, but still… I was a little frazzled. So they get here and I pack us up, breakfast and all, and head to Target to get a wedding shower gift for this coming weekend. It took almost 15 minutes to get out of the house because, with only 2 weeks to go, I have to go potty what feels like every 10 minutes and Baby J kept wanting to head back upstairs to see what they were doing.  We finally get on the road and in the almost 20 minutes it takes to get there, Baby J falls asleep. I didn’t want to waste the trip so I hoisted him up onto my very preggo belly and went in. He usually wakes up, but he must have been channeling my fatigue. He slept the entire time. By the time I got to the check out, my back was killing me (he weighs 24 lbs, not including the baby in my belly) and I was moving in slow motion (felt like I was, anyway). Then a lady at the checkout behind me came and asked if I needed any help going out to my car. Ever the martyr, I declined, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Than You God and the Universe!!!! Turns out that she has twins, so she could relate to the no hands free, worn down mess that was me.

You would think that this would be the end of that little tale, but it is not. As I was getting ready to back out, I realized that the very rear window was down and I could not get it to go back up. This on one of the coldest days (we woke to snow this morning) was enough to, literally, bring tears to my eyes. I just sat there and put my hands over my eyes and wept for a few minutes before I pulled my shit together. I remembered that my super responsible husband had the vehicles manual in the glove box. I dug it out and found out that the rear window won’t work if you have the child window locks engaged. Silly me. I pushed the child lock button, rolled the window up and headed home. Let me say that it was wonderful to be able to come home to a house that had been cleaned from top to bottom after that whole ordeal. The funny thing is that Baby J was completely oblivious to my suffering. This was the only store trip we’ve had together since he started walking where I wasn’t trying to keep him in the cart or divert his attention from some calamity or other. I’m chalking this up to me just being at that place in my pregnancy where I’m just over being pregnant. I am ready to have Baby B on the outside. Please and thanks. 🙂 I can smile now.

Drinkie, Drinkie


Last nite, while I was pinning things on my boards on Pinterest, it occurred to me that quite a few of the pins I pick for my belly have to do with alcoholic drinks. It’s funny, because I have never been a big drinker. If anything, I have enjoyed having a few beers. I do like vodka tonics, but otherwise, hard alcohol has never appealed to me. Oh, yeah. I do like mimosa’s if they are done right. I think I’ve been sucked in by the fact that I have been pregnant for almost 2 years in a row and nursing the last 15 months. That’s two hot -assed summers without the benefit of a nice cool beer or anything in the alcohol family. I have had the occasional half a beer that I’ve shared with my husband and we did toast in the new year, but it’s really not the same. This is the classic case of wanting something more because it’s not really available to me. Here are a couple of examples of what I’ve pinned : Blueberry Vodka Lemonade, Summer Sips (with a yummy looking Peach Summer Sangria), and a Sarasota (viewable on Pinterest). Yummmmmm

Last few days


Yes, I have been remiss at writing the last few days. I have been knee deep in baby clothes, and decluttering, and tending to Baby J. I have even attempted to listen to my birthing meditation. The thing about that is that when I finally get time to listen to it, I am sooooo exhausted that I can’t tell if it’s helping me relax or if I’m just so sleepy that I zone out. I have always become aware when it’s over, so I’m hoping that it’s working. (Can I just say that it is super hard to type while your 14m old alternately feeds you blueberries and keeps pulling out your power cord??? He’s such a good sharer though.) Anyway, we have also, finally, gotten the car seat into the car. We haven’t actually strapped it down yet, but it is IN the car and that’s a good start.

Oh, oh, oh!!! I went and had a pedicure on friday. I have neglected my feet horribly over the last three years and whenever I paint my nails (toes or fingers) it always looks like a 2 year old did it. It was nice to a little soak and scrub of the tootsies and my nails are gleaming like a new sports car. While I was having that done, the Mr took Baby J to try to feed the ducks. Apparently, they don’t really want to be fed when it’s raining and kept running away. I had asked that Baby J not be kept out in the rain the entire time, but…boys will be boys. They splashed in puddles and played in duck poop infested waters and had a grand old time for more than an hour. My son was soaked from top to bottom. At least the Mr got some good video of it all.