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Damn Computer


# My computer died last week and I can only post from my phone until I find the other power cord which I haven’t seen since I packed it in February. I wanted to clarify that all of the recipes that I am using are either from Fresh 20, a food menu subscription that I belong to or from the cookbook Weelicious by Catherine McCord. Any who, here are some scenes of what I’ve been cooking up the last week, sans all the takeout I’ve indulged in too๐Ÿ˜‰

The above was a Beefaroni take from Fresh20

Roasted Zucchini w/balsamic from Fresh20

I forget the name of this but, basically Chicken Alfredo-Fresh20

Crispy chicken and an apple balsamic salad-Fresh20

French toast-Weelicious


Veggie Nuggets, Damn It


Obviously, I am having a hard time staying on course with daily writing. I’ve been struggling with crazy, bad allergies and trying to find ways to mitigate it. The swim lesson over the weekend went off with nary a hitch. There were no wardrobe malfunctions and, as is usually the case with us, it was so crazy just getting us all dressed ad there that I didn’t have time to fret about my body. I do have to mention that I am constantly amazed at my bosoms ability to inflate and deflate to the point that I’m never sure which size I’m going to be confronted with on any given day. Saturday, my swimsuit was more busty than I was, which created a gap that pleased my ever nursing 13m old. In the frenzy to load the boys, the Mr forgot to grab their change of clothes that I’d laid out the night before. Madness. That’s all I’ll say about that.
I’ve been taking the easy route with meal times but I did attempt to make a recipe for veggie nuggets from “Weelicious”. Things went ok until I realized that the recipe called for an hour to hour n a half stint in the freezer and I’d planned on serving them straight away. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that, not read a recipe through and missed some vital piece of info thus throwing me into a frenzy to get it all together. Anyway and luckily, we had left over mac-n-cheese in the fridge so I threw that together with some organic hot dogs. Here are some photos from my veggie nugget quest:

There were also some mashed potatoes as part of the recipe.

I got this far and placed it in the freezer for an hour. They seemed to thaw rather quickly for how much there was to dip in the egg, flour and breadcrumbs so I got frustrated and lazy and gave up on cutting it all up. In the end, I smeared the flour, whisked eggs and then the breadcrumbs on top and shoved it all in the freezer. I made it today by baking it and then broiling it because I wanted it to be crispy or just less mushy. That would have been ok had I not gotten distracted by my 13m old needing a nap and me forgetting I had put it in the oven and then forgetting to tell the Mr… Though you would think the smell of something burning would have alerted him to check the oven, right? Anyway, here is the final product.

It actually tasted good to me, so I would attempt this again with better planning. ๐Ÿ˜„

I’m off to bed so more later. G’nite.



I wanted to mention that the recipe I used was for mini taco bowls. My bowls were not folded as well as the ones in the photo on….shit. The app is for Big Fork Little Fork. My apologies. This is my ADD brain and bad memory. I can remember the most random things very well but names… I feel awful. Ok. Let me shake it off. The recipes and apps I’ve been using are from Big Fork Little Fork and the Weelicious cookbook, which I love. The ranch dressing came out awesome. My food masochism wouldn’t allow me to buy ranch dressing and I’m glad, in this case. Maybe it’s my subconscious way of acting like I still have all the time in the world to cook, though this behavior didn’t occur until post-babies. Go figure.
Today we are having Big Fork Spaghetti by Marcus Samuelsson. Should be good. Here’s what we’re using:

More on how this goes later ๐Ÿ˜ƒ.

Spring Days


Did I fall off the writing wagon again? Oui. I did. I made that yummy dinner with homemade ranch from “Weelicious ” and the rest from the Bigforklittlespoon app and then it all went down hill. I don’t know who these moms are who have time to blog and make wonderful meals and do DIY projects and clean their homes and manage relationships… It’s enough for me to get regular meals into my belly while tending to my 27m old and 13m old. I’m lucky if I get to sit for 20min just reading a magazine or catching up on the shows I record on DVR.
That said, it was a nice full weekend. We drove a total of 4hrs to go to a family bday party (always great with kids this age. Not). Fortunately, they slept on the way down and I hauled ass to get home with just the beginnings of a meltdown occurring 5min from our house. I also got to take a nap with the boys on Sunday because I was able to get them to go down at the same time. The weather was nice and we rounded the weekend out with an afternoon at the park with my brothers 3 kids. Good times. Don’t let my whining fool you. I love, love, love staying home with my kids and I love being a mom and wife. It just consumes a lot of energy with little to spare for self or other things unless you are better at time management than I am. Everyone has to find their own rhythm and mine just happens to be a little frenetic. Gotta run before the kiddos get up so we can get groceries but here’s looking at Spring ๐Ÿ˜„โ—