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Finding the Light


When I started this blog in 2012, I thought that the title “my way back to you” was leading me to California and the friendships and family that I missed. Since the beginning, I have had two more kids and now have a family of 5 (my sons, 2 & 3, and a daughter, 5months old). I took a break from writing because I was exhausted and pregnant and then I was just exhausted from trying to get used to tending to 3 little ones 24/7, as well as my husband.
Recently, I’ve been itching to write again, but I didn’t know where to begin. That’s when it occurred to me that what I have been wanting to get back to is myself so that I can get back to the other people that I care about. So, this is the new direction of this blog. I’ve been dealing with accepting that there are some new physical limits that come with being an older mom and the importance of being physically active so that I can age with grace and not just have aging happen to me. I want there to be peace within me with having changes happen due to pregnancy and I want there to be peace within me with having changes happen due to aging. And I don’t want to just sit on my ass and let my physical health slide away just because finding the time and energy to exercise is hard and it hurts a thousand times now than it did 5 years ago before I had kids and was pre-40’s. So there it is and here we go.



# So, I’m signed up for a meal planning site called the Fresh 20. I signed up because I usually struggle to come up with healthy meals that I can whip together for my family and I figured this was a great way to expose myself to foods I don’t usually eat (veggies). The other day I made these lettuce wraps, and while they turned out delicious, I have a confession to make. While I was chopping garlic and some other things and trying to prep, it struck me that this was very labor intensive. I realized that I’ve become a food masochist in that I’ve taken to making these meals that, while tasty, take entirely too long to make-well, more time than I want to spend making food even with the make ahead portions of the recipes. I have to mention that I have ADD and haven’t taken meds for it for the last two years since I’ve been either pregnant and/or nursing. That said, I have decided to find a faster, just as healthy, way to cook. I hope to share my discoveries with you here.