Spring Days


Did I fall off the writing wagon again? Oui. I did. I made that yummy dinner with homemade ranch from “Weelicious ” and the rest from the Bigforklittlespoon app and then it all went down hill. I don’t know who these moms are who have time to blog and make wonderful meals and do DIY projects and clean their homes and manage relationships… It’s enough for me to get regular meals into my belly while tending to my 27m old and 13m old. I’m lucky if I get to sit for 20min just reading a magazine or catching up on the shows I record on DVR.
That said, it was a nice full weekend. We drove a total of 4hrs to go to a family bday party (always great with kids this age. Not). Fortunately, they slept on the way down and I hauled ass to get home with just the beginnings of a meltdown occurring 5min from our house. I also got to take a nap with the boys on Sunday because I was able to get them to go down at the same time. The weather was nice and we rounded the weekend out with an afternoon at the park with my brothers 3 kids. Good times. Don’t let my whining fool you. I love, love, love staying home with my kids and I love being a mom and wife. It just consumes a lot of energy with little to spare for self or other things unless you are better at time management than I am. Everyone has to find their own rhythm and mine just happens to be a little frenetic. Gotta run before the kiddos get up so we can get groceries but here’s looking at Spring 😄❗


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