sheesh….alright, already!


I have really dropped the ball, though, in my defense, I have been waiting impatiently for the arrival of my latest son. I was told at my last appointment that it looked like I’d deliver over the weekend. Now, today is Wednesday and I am still very much pregnant. It wasn’t until yesterday that I remembered that the foolish docs are going by my last menstrual cycle even though I’d told them in the beginning the date that I ovulated. There is a week difference in these two dates, hence the seeming tardiness of Baby B. I wouldn’t have felt so aggravated or frustrated had the doctor not done his exam and given me the weekend as THE time. I’m not one for anticipation. I don’t like it. I tend to want to rush right in and get her done. It’s always been this way. Anyway, I’m off to see said foolish doctor for my weekly exam and I intend to remind him to look in my chart to see what I said at my first appointment. It looks like I will be pregnant for about another week, which I will do my best to savor and enjoy as the last few days I have alone with my 15 month old, Baby J. Happy Wednesday!


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