White Girl Problems Rocks!!!!


This is what I am reading right now, a book titled “White Girl Problems” by Babe Walker. It is unapologetically, lol, hilarious. Seriously. I stumbled into it when my best friend suggested that I read some other book whose title I can’t remember right this second. Anyway, I downloaded an excerpt from it and, although it sounds like a totally great book, it was so sad in the first couple of pages. I’ve been in this mind-set that while pregnant, I don’t want to have any heavy, sad or negative emotions and I’ve stayed away from reading and watching anything that could lead me in that direction. (I am due in 5 days, so we are still waiting for the arrival of Baby B.) But, I digress. Once I decided that the book was too heavy for me right now, I started looking for something else to read. Somehow, I came across this title and decided to find out what it was about. I have not stopped laughing since. I’ve been telling my friends to read it, too. If you love fashion and drama (like reality TV type drama) then you will love this book. Besides the hilarious title of each chapter, I am also enjoying the fashion drawings that have been scattered here and there throughout the book.

I actually just Googled it and found that there is a website and blog for “White Girl Problems” that you should totally check out. I’ve decided to follow on Twitter and keep track of the blog. It’s always good to have a space to go to when you need a good laugh 🙂

I have been so bad about writing lately. I probably should have opened with this, but I am so tired that I have taken the last few days off from writing. Of course, I realize that, once the baby is born, I will be even more frazzled, tired and less inclined to write…ugh. Going to bed now. Later…


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