My son is finally down for a little nap and I am sitting on the sofa watching “Candice Tells All” on HGTV. I should probably feel worse about receiving the email from the webmaster telling me that I need more traffic to this blog but I just don’t have the energy. I am 8 days out from my due date and feeling like a big, stuffed sausage. The Mr and I spent some time this weekend trying to catch up on our tv watching and wound up watching 3 episodes of  The Big Bang Theory, which we love. I am trying not to let the DVR get too full. Anyway, there was an episode about the IPhone and SIRI which was AWESOME!!!! I know that the promos show how one can ask SIRI things and get a response, but it had not occurred to me to ask about random silliness. For examples of what people are apparently asking SIRI go to this site. Part of why we started watching The Big Bang Theory was because coworkers of the Mr had been telling him that he was like Sheldon. We Googled the show, well, I Googled the show, and found a clip on YouTube and it is totally true. I am married to Sheldon. They are both so linear in thinking and literal, it’s insane. Having said all of this, he practically had a nerdgasm seeing the things that SIRI was answering on the show. Of the two of us, I am the one with the new 4G IPhone, so he has been pestering me to interrogate the phone. He went on and on about artificial intelligence and how much it’s progressed and the earlier incarnations of what SIRI has now become. I can’t even tell you everything that he talked about because it’s so not how my brain works. Now, he can’t wait to get his new phone and he can’t stop pestering me about having access to my phone in the mean time. Sadly, he is going to have to wait until he gets his own phone before he can release all of the thoughts marinating in his brain upon SIRI.


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