Last few days


Yes, I have been remiss at writing the last few days. I have been knee deep in baby clothes, and decluttering, and tending to Baby J. I have even attempted to listen to my birthing meditation. The thing about that is that when I finally get time to listen to it, I am sooooo exhausted that I can’t tell if it’s helping me relax or if I’m just so sleepy that I zone out. I have always become aware when it’s over, so I’m hoping that it’s working. (Can I just say that it is super hard to type while your 14m old alternately feeds you blueberries and keeps pulling out your power cord??? He’s such a good sharer though.) Anyway, we have also, finally, gotten the car seat into the car. We haven’t actually strapped it down yet, but it is IN the car and that’s a good start.

Oh, oh, oh!!! I went and had a pedicure on friday. I have neglected my feet horribly over the last three years and whenever I paint my nails (toes or fingers) it always looks like a 2 year old did it. It was nice to a little soak and scrub of the tootsies and my nails are gleaming like a new sports car. While I was having that done, the Mr took Baby J to try to feed the ducks. Apparently, they don’t really want to be fed when it’s raining and kept running away. I had asked that Baby J not be kept out in the rain the entire time, but…boys will be boys. They splashed in puddles and played in duck poop infested waters and had a grand old time for more than an hour. My son was soaked from top to bottom. At least the Mr got some good video of it all.


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