Can I just say thank God for DVR’s. If it weren’t for the ability to record shows, I would never get to see anything. I try really hard to not get sucked into TV land during the day while Baby J is romping around. I’ve also, actually, spent a little time out doors with him. Like his dad says, boys need to have fresh air. The rough part is that our backyard, while large, slopes greatly and I’m in no condition to try to chase a 14m old down a hill and haul him back up. Plus, he hasn’t been walking super long so navigating hills is just not his thing. There are other things I’d rather blog about right now, but I have spent the day working my ass off and just finished folding a crap load of clothes so it will have to wait. Bed is calling and Top Chef Texas is sending me off with a craving for pancakes or waffles. Damn.


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