I had the most magnificent prenatal massage today. I had a gift card and had been debating on when to get the massage, before or after baby. It occurred to me that it would behoove me to be as relaxed as I possibly can be for the delivery and I tend to carry tension in my back, so before baby it was. I am so glad I made that decision. I loved the ambiance of the place and how pampered they made me feel. And the robe…it was so cozy that part of me wished I could fit it into my purse. I’ve only ever had one other professional massage at place out here that shall remain nameless. It was nice at the time, but this was just a whole other experience. I had a chakra massage and, ironically, I chose the scent meant for grounding. Once I knew what it was for I just shook my head. Sometimes the universe speaks at the most interesting times. I somehow chose chakra 1, which is said to be the center where we ground and take care of ourselves. An imbalance causes one to feel tired, resistant to change and a desire to take things slower. I almost wept during the massage because all I could think about was how I’ve gotten away from doing yoga and how hard it’s been for me to accept change and to get grounded.


I’ve been working on my vision board for the last few months and this experience has just given me the incentive I need to get it completed. I’ve been making vision boards for years, ever since I took graphic design in college (before I saw it on Oprah). I have found that they are very effective. It’s not about magical thinking so much as it’s about stating an intention for one’s life. I’m going to add regular massages to it along with yoga and some other type of physical activity. I need to stop giving in to this feeling that I have of wanting to hibernate. I need to use energy to create energy. Thank you Joseph’s for giving me a gentle reminder of the many ways I can take better care of myself. 🙂


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