I am someone who is heavily reliant on GPS. I can barely remember life before it. Actually, that’s not true. A couple of years ago, when I moved to KY, I did not have GPS in any form or fashion. Although I had a Crackberry, it did not have GPS standard and I didn’t subscribe to it. Silly me. I am, and always have been, directionally challenged. I get lost all the time. All. The. Time. Case in point: once, years ago, when I first moved to San Diego, I was sent to the airport to pick up my mom. There were no cell phones at the time. I got very, very lost and wound up being two hours late. The aunt I was living with at the time lived only 30 minutes from the airport and, to this day, I have no idea where the hell I wound up. Fast forward to a couple of years ago when I didn’t realize that I was moving to a place where there seems to be an assumption that people already know where they are so there aren’t a lot of signs. I moved an hour away from my parents and it took me two hours of driving to realize how insanely lost I’d become. I got lost so often when I moved here that my dad bought me a GPS that Christmas.

Of course, now I have my magical IPhone with GPS (I actually have had one since the beginning of last year I think). Anyway, thank God for standard GPS that I don’t have to subscribe to. It has changed my life. Even when I started using the one my folks got for me, I would somehow convince myself that the thing was wrong, leading me to still getting lost. I no longer try to have the upper hand, though. I have been humbled by the GPS gods and I can admit that I have no idea (or very little idea) of how to get to most places around here. And now there is SIRI. Holy hell, what an invention. Today, I was almost out of gas and asked for the nearest gas station. She gave me 15. I love her. Yes, I said it. I do. I once told her she was awesome and she replied “I am?” No joke. Awesome.


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