I’m back…


The last few days have been pretty knarly. Monday afternoon my son wound up throwing up and couldn’t keep anything down. I spent the evening taking him to the doctor’s, which is where the Mr. met us. They said that it was most likely the stomach flu and that we could probably catch it. Truer words were never spoken. Tuesday nite I started feeling sick, but thought it was normal pregnancy nausea. Silly me. By 3 am I knew I was a gonner. The Mr., who never takes time off from work, wound up having to stay home with us, because, while Baby J had made a nice little recovery, I was in now way, shape or form in any condition to look after him or myself. I am feeling tons better, but I have this nagging headach. I mention this because I am bummed that I just started blogging and have been felled by illness. How will I get anywhere I’m trying to go? At this rate…

Ok, no pity party. No pity party. This is just a small glitch. I will feel better. I will be inspired. My writing will improve and blossom. Before I head to bed for an early ish nite, I wanted to add one good thing that came of being sick. Just this weekend, the Mr. and I had a slight disagreement about a comment I made. He’s always going on about how stressful his job is and how hard he works, which I do not dispute.But I said that the energy expenditure of our jobs is totally different. I’m no executive, but I did work for a health system for 17 years and I have held some stressful positions, too. Being the mother of a toddler, especially while being pregnant, is a different ball of wax. Add to that, living in an environment where I haven’t made any friends yet so there is no tangible social network and you get a little craziness. It’s a lot of work. There is very little down time. No drive to work and back, alone where one might think. There are few trips to the potty alone, or time to shower (alone). My son is still nursing so that means that there are still many hours in the day when he is attached to my body one way or another. I could go on but this is exhausting me. Anyway, the Mr., had to take care of our son all day with his only breaks being nap times since he can’t nurse (though I keep telling him there are pills for that). By 6pm he was frazzled. He kept asking “How do you do this everyday?”.  It was all I could do to not laugh out loud with glee through my weakened state. It really isn’t about comparing for me as much as it’s about having a true understanding of what our day to days entail. Work is work, and this counts as some serious work, too.

Well, off to bed with me. Later…


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