long weekend


Seriously. It’s been a long weekend full of errands and birthday parties. The good news is that I’m not feeling as sick as I was. The downer is that I’m having back pain this pregnancy, likely due to carrying the belly attached to me and a 24 lb, 14 month old. Discussions about moving to California in a few years floated around our house. The most important thing to me is doing what’s best for our family, not just me. I would love to just say “Let’s Go!” but, I want to balance my deep desire to move with the total happiness and success of all of us. We will see. In any event, if I can get back into the writing groove, then I can contribute to ensuring a certain quality of life. Ironically, I am watching Iron Chef and Mexican food is playing a prominent part. I miss good Mexican food so much. Right now I am seeing carne asada fries dancing in my brain along with chicken enchiladas and a tall, cold beer. This has got to stop. Nothing like being pregnant to make one feel like a recovering alcoholic, unable to take a drink. One can go from rarely wanting to drink, to not being able to drink, and therefore craving a drink. Madness.

I’ve got to get a jump on the week so I am going to bed. There is plenty of time for writing something of substance tomorrow. Until then…


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