this life


Got my baby down for a little nap. I have already slacked on the everyday writing thing. I just saw this commercial and it made me smile. Makes me think of where I’m trying to get back to. Where is that, you may be wondering? The coasts of California. Right now I am in what shall remain an unnamed city in Kentucky. Moving was totally my decision, only it never occurred to me that I would move for real and not be back in Cali already. I grew up in this state and left when I was 18 only to return sporadically to see my family. In all the time I was away (almost 20yrs), I never thought about moving back. I am still amazed that the little voice within that me here even suggested it. The thing about being back east though, is that it can be easy to remain in suspended animation. And I can’t pretend that I had an easy time of it there. I had been to hell and back, facing my demons of depression. It’s a hard place to thrive in for some and I was one of them. By the end of it though, I had found an a amzing circle of friends and, although I was having trouble finding steady employment, I was finally able to see (and appreciate) the beauty of the world around me. I was a phoenix who had risen from the ashes and I wanted life. Unfortunately, finding a mate who was about my age and whom had their shit together and was ready for a relationship, as well as someone open to dating outside of their race, was very difficult. More on all of that later, maybe. So I heeded this little whisper and landed back in the state I’d spent 11yrs til graduating. I believe I needed to leave in order to find the partner of my heart and I did. I found him and married him and had a son with another on the way in a few weeks. All of this in under 3yrs and here we are. And here we go…


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