today is a new day and all that jazz


Good morning world! I have to admit that it’s exciting and scary to think of my personal challenge for this new year. I made a deal with my BFF that I’d write something, no matter what it was, every day. I’m sitting on my couch drinking a smoothie and watching Baby Einstein with my 1yr old. Even as I know where I want this life to go, I recognize that these are the good days. I worry about finding the time to write when I have two little ones under two in a few weeks, but I will deal with that when the time comes. Right now, Baby H is distracted enough for me to get this much done. I’m not one for letting the tv babysit my son, but this video has images of newish babies in it and I’m hoping that it can help prepare him for no longer being the “One and Only”. I’ve gone through terrible guilt about adding another one so soon and have already been mourning the passing of this precious one on one time. I’ve talked to my friends who have gone through this and some other moms, so I know this is perfectly normal. Still… I love my son so incredibly much. I can hardly imagine having the heart space for more emotion.

I’m in the process of creating my yearly mood board with all that I want for the future, this year and beyond. Alas, it’s time to tend to the little one. Breakfast beckons.


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